Top 3 Tips to Increase Your Resume Visibility

Resumes often feel like a mysterious, standardized test that acts as a gateway to the interview of your dream job. Many job seekers pour hours of time and energy into trying to understand what will make their resumes stand out among the crowd and catch the eye of the hiring manager. While there certainly is no perfect, tried and true formula, there are several optimization that you can do to your resume to make it “pop”. Continue reading for three things that you can do right now to improve your resume and get the job! 

#1 Focus on Keywords

The smartest place to start, when trying to figure out what to put on your resume is the job posting. This is something you should be doing for every job for which you apply. What you should be paying attention to in the description are keywords that describe the qualities an employer is looking for in their ideal candidate. These keywords may include the necessary skills found in the “requirements” and “qualifications” sections on the posting. By including these words on your resume, you will show your potential employer that (1) you’ve done your homework, and (2) you possess what they are looking for in the position. 

#2 Use Strong Language

Your resume is not the place to embellish your writing with extra words. Keep in mind, you have a limited amount of space to show off your accomplishments and qualifications, so don’t waste it on words that you don’t need. You want your resume to be succinct and avoid any extraneous clutter on the page. 

To attain a strong voice, use powerful words that pack a punch and get to the point. Words such as “led”, “achieved”, “accomplished”, and “earned” will give your resume a formidable presence while concisely conveying your points. Remember, the person interviewing you is looking at many resumes and you want to be sure that they can quickly get an accurate idea of what you bring to the table. 

#3 Proofread, Edit, and Then Do it Again! 

Get as many eyes on your resume as possible! While a spelling or grammatical error may not seem like a big deal, it can be perceived as laziness or a sign that you aren’t detailed oriented – not the impression that you want to make the first time you are meeting a potential employer. There are many proofreading programs that you can use to highlight any errors within your writing. However, you will want to read your resume aloud to ensure that the wording and flow of your words are natural and easy to read. 


As we are diving into the online world, more companies are trying to adopt digital marketing in their business. Show them that you digitally-skilled by creating an online resume website with your custom domain name. Let the hiring manager see the value-added skills that you can bring to the table. It does not matter what role you are applying for, but an online resume will make it difficult for the hiring manager to say no to your job application. The easiest way to create an online resume is by using a free online resume builder, which comes with an easy step-by-step, no-brainer instructions.

The Bottom Line 

There is no secret formula to writing a resume. You will want to make sure that it is clear, to the point, and properly grabs the interviewer’s attention. By customizing your resume, using powerful language, ensuring that your resume is free from mistakes and demonstrating that you possess some digital skills, you will show any potential employer that you have put forth a strong effort and an incredibly thoughtful approach, which will definitely stands you out from the rest of the resumes.

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